Many a times we notice that people (apart from Vegetarians) eat vegetarian food quite reluctantly though it is so healthy and delicious. The name Happily Veg was chosen to share our love and joy for eating vegetarian food.

Happily Veg is all about relishing vegetarian food. It is a channel to watch and learn to cook simple, delicious and nutritious vegetarian recipes. Our mission at Happily Veg is to inspire you to make healthier food choices. At Happily Veg we also make an attempt at cooking food in a manner that retains its nutrients and also adds to it. We have tried making use of iron utensils and earthen pot in some of the recipes which add to the nutritional value of the recipes.

About me: I am a Human Resources professional who got interested in cooking because I love to eat delicious home made food. Cooking has become a hobby for me. I along with my husband share our love for vegetarian food through this website as well as our YouTube channel Happily Veg. I am leaving a link for our YouTube channel below. Do keep watching and sharing your valuable feedback which will help our channel get better.


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