Kacche Aam ki Chutney/ Raw Mango Chutney

Kacche Aam or Kairi as Raw Mango is known in India, is an extremely versatile fruit. It is used in a variety of dishes ranging from chutneys to pickles, beverages to curries. Some of the popular raw mango recipes that I have shared on my blog are –

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Ingredients for Kacche Aam ki Chutney/ Raw Mango Chutney 

1 cup = 200ml
Mint leaves/Pudina = 1 cup
Raw mango/Kacche aam/Kairi = 3/4th cup (chopped)
Green chilli/hari mirch = as per taste
Fennel seeds/Saunf = 1/2 tsp
Cumin seeds /Jeera = 1/2 tsp
Salt/Namak = as per taste
Sugar/Cheeni = 1/3rd tsp
Water/Paani = 1/4th cup


raw mango chutney recipe

How to make Kacche Aam ki Chutney/ Raw Mango Chutney

  1. Peel the raw mango and cut into cubes of medium size. (Tip: Always keep the raw mangoes or mangoes in water for 30 minutes before using. This helps in releasing the heat from the mangoes, which would otherwise hinder the nutrient absorption.
  2. In a chutney pot, add all the ingredients and grind to a fine paste.


Serve the raw mango chutney with the snack of your choice, use in a chaat preparation or serve with meals.




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